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Mobility Force – a complete Recruitment & HRM package

Mobility Force is a professional recruitment agency specialised in the recruitment of permanent, contract and temporary positions. Most important recruitment channels are her personal network, website and database. Next to that Mobility Force has two major Job Boards at her disposal: Monsterboard and Stepstone. We actively recruit by using search engines such as Google and professional network sites such as LinkedIn. Our consultants understand and speak the professional language of our customers and candidates; a buyer working in fashion cannot be compared to a buyer working in the chemical industry.
We work on the “No Cure, No Pay” principle, ie we only charge when we succeed at reasonable rates.

Inhouse recruitment (RPO)
This concept provides a complete Recruitment Process from posting a position to (pre)selection of candidates, and even support in offering a contract.
We advertise your (open) positions on the major Job Boards (Monsterboard, Stepstone & Social Media) and channel the applicants into your own candidate management system, making the recruiting process much faster and easier. This solution is very cost effective, providing you with a pre-qualified list of candidates ready for the interview process. Upon your request we can handle this process by creating a short list of candidates interviewed, ready for you to meet. You decide whether we handle the full process or certain parts. It´s a customized recruitment process.

Contracting (detachering)
Whether you have a temporary open position or a permanent placement available contracting a professional employee could be a suitable solution to consider. For temporary positions we offer your candidate a contract for the duration of the project. This is at no risk for your organization and you are ensured of qualified staff. For permanent placements we can offer your candidate a contract for a predefined period of time where after you hire the candidate . We handle the administrative tasks and whilst you determine if the candidate suits the position and company.

Interim HR & Recruitment staff
For temporary positions or special projects in your HR or Staffing Department Mobility Force has a number of highly competent, qualified en experienced HR Consultants. The consultants will contract their services to you on a part-time or temporary basis, acting as a staff member of your organization. They are ready to work for you, when you need them at a reasonable rate.

HR Projects
Mobility Force provides support to employers on a variety of HR projects for which the employer lacks staff, time, or expertise to do themselves. Projects upon which we are able to assist include:
• Employee Handbook development and updates
• Counseling - performance, employment, attitude
• Facilitate HR Strategic Planning process
• Coaching for new managers
• Recruiting campaigns for managerial, technical, professional, supervisory and clerical personnel
You determine the company strategy and Mobility Force helps you to define the HR Strategic Plan and policies.

HR Support
Use us when you need us!
In case HR is not a core competence of your organization and situations call for specialist knowledge, Mobility Force provides you with an on-call human resources service. They include:
• Drawing up and maintaining contracts of employment and terms and conditions of employment
• Day-to-day employee issues
• Handle employee sickness issues
• Help you prepare for bad news conversations
Mobility Force offers a range of different memberships which allows companies to take advantage of the services most relevant to them and the opportunity to access further services as required.

Coaching is a form of learning, where a person (a coach) supports someone else (a client) to create learning and self-development in a way that benefits them. They want to learn new ways of thinking and approaching situations, in order to get better results. Examples of goals are being more organized and effective at work, gaining confidence, or simply relating to other people more effectively.
Prior to the commencement of the coaching sessions the coach will meet the coachée to determine the precise needs. The coachée will receive a welcome pack which contains some tasks as a form of preparation. The subsequent sessions will either be:
• Face-to-face meeting with regular follow ups;
• A breakthrough session (of 2-4 hours) where the coachée will make an instant breakthrough in some area of their life
Continuous development of your employees is a necessity nowadays and coaching will help to accelerate this process.

Mediation is a process in which a third-party neutral assists in resolving a dispute between parties. The role of the mediator is to facilitate communication between the parties, generate options that meet the interests or needs of all parties in an effort to resolve the conflict. There are two key characteristics for mediation: voluntariness and confidentiality. The mediator does not force an outcome on the parties. This means a "win-win" situation for everyone involved. The outcome is recorded in an agreement, which finalizes the mediation process.
Mediation offers a number of benefits over other forms of conflict control, the most important of which are:
• Speed & Cost Control
• Informal procedure
• Active role of parties
• Room for creative solutions
• No unnecessary damage to the relationship
• 'Joint solution: win-win result
• Impartiality of mediator
The costs of a mediation procedure consist of the fee of the mediator.